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Cafe Storia @ Johor Bahru

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I got this confused with Shiduoli Otah (Don't ask me how) and we landed ourselves at Café Storia, coincidentally selling otah, bee hoon and nasi lemak.


Otah is grilled on the spot and looked larger than Shiduoli's and I secretly rejoiced. At 90 sen each, price point wise this seemed more value for money but flunk at the point of taste. Amateur and almost ridiculous to be called otah, it was hardly tasty nor fragrant. Sigh.


Asian breakfast gone kopitiam style. The beehoon goreng was really tasty, noodles with the right bite and sufficient amount of spice!


My RM 2.90 packet nasi lemak certainly fared better with belachan, ikanbilis and firm coconut milk
laced rice grains.


Kampung spirit is getting the neighbouring café to deliver prata!


The pratas were so good! Especially the fish gravy that made our breakfast so satisfying.

Café Storia
79-84, Jalan Storey, Kim Teng Park, 80300 Johor Bahru

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