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Blue Lotus Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar @ Alexandra

~Invited Tasting~


Blue Lotus Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar is the latest brainchild of Chef Helios Goncalves from Boca (we could've guessed from his signatures that seem all too familiar!). Unlike the other Blue Lotus outlets, this focuses more on Mediterranean cuisine.


Retaining most if not all of Portico's furnishings.


Of all their drinks, I actually think they do a mean soda.

Octopus and Squid Carpaccio ($16)
Octopus, Squid, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Brunoises Peppers, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rocket Salad

Exquisitely put together, I'd not have guessed the rings are squid and slices octopus. So tender, those who've assaulted either by overcooking should be put to shame. I thought this was an ingenious and refreshing dish apart from the usual beef.


Venus Clams in a Pot ($18)
Venus Clams, White Wine Sauce, Coriander, Lemon and Garlic Butter

White wine clams never disappoints and is infact the easiest dish to replicate at home. Lemon garlic butter got me dunking my sour dough and slurping so unglamourously from the pot straight. The things I do, for food.


Signature Chilli Pomelo Crab Balls ($22)
100% Blue Swimmer Crab Balls, Chilli Pomelo Sauce

The only dish telling of its Blue Lotus roots is this crabmeat packed crab ball - it only gets better and betters and seriously of all the times I have eaten this, it still remains so tasty and that gravy deserves seconds!


Serrana Pizza ($20)
Pomodoro Sauce, Iberico Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Fresh Mushrooms, Black Olives


So then when a Greek makes pizza, he overturns all the pizza education the Italians taught. Classified thin, this is infact considered thick pizza to Chef and the pizza base is the crux here - multiple buttery layers of pastry resulting in an incredibly flaky base. I swear if all pizzas were made equal, I'd never eat a biscuit crust again.

The multitude of cured meats atop and cheese made us all go swooning over this award winning combination. I hardly love pizzas out of the kitchens of Mozza Pizzeria and here am I switching camps this once.


Tiger Prawn Risotto ($28)
XL Tiger Prawns, Grilled Asparagus, Coriander


Classic Rice Paella ($26)
Blue Mussels, Tiger Prawns, Chicken, Green Peas, Squid

These two rice dishes were serious contenders for best rice dish of the night - I love my paellas and risottos fairly except pasta deserves a separate compartment of love. Risotto was creamy and powered with those fresh XL tiger prawns versus paella kissed with seafood and poultry. I'd have to concede defeat to risotto here, that lingering nuttiness that was so memorable.


Grilled Meat Platter ($38)
Lamb Rack, Beef Ribeye, Chicken Leg, Vegetables


For two, this smokey platter would suffice. Chicken was smokin' good, lamb rack tender worthy and ribeye had a lovely char. Now order their sides to dress the platter up if appetite allows, or really just save it for their other amazing mains.


Grilled Atlantic Octopus Leg with Herbs ($26)
Octopus Leg, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs, Salad

So tender, I would have mistaken this for fishcake even - zero resistance and almost melt in the mouth. Chef shared how octopus played such a huge part of his childhood and meals - I bet our overcooked calamari scares him to no end - and truth is, I have no idea why so many places think overcooking octopus is a norm.

Another stunning concept by Blue Lotus, be back soon!

Blue Lotus Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar
991B Alexandra Road

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