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Fremantle Seafood Market Revisited @ Clarke Quay

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The last time I paid Fremantle Seafood Market it was over lunch for their cheap set lunches. This time, it was still over lunch - dead towns are great for lunches because food gets served a lot faster and the lack of crowds makes dining so enjoyable.


Chilli Crab Pizza ($32)
Crab with lime garlic chilli sauce

National day fever is still raging since I still caved into an order of chilli crab pizza. Loved the copious amounts of cheese yet on the fence about the pizza base and sweet seasoning.

eafood Bucket ($28)
Fish, Oysters, Prawns, Fresh Squid

Everything was yummy except the portions can be bigger.


Silver Fish Fried Rice ($16)
wok-fried frangrant rice with crispy silver fish

On top of their existing seafood menu, Fremantle has a selection of local zichar delights. Wok hei packed fried rice topped with crispy silver fish made a surprisingly very appetizing dish. This actually tempted me to give their other zichar dishes a try.

Once known for just its seafood dishes, Fremantle Seafood has now evolved into a restaurant that offers very good zichar too!

Fremantle Seafood Market
Clarke Quay 

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