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VLV Riverside @ Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~


VLV Riverside, the alfresco side of VLV was recently launched and zichar dishes are the feature of this new dining arm. Food at VLV was impressive the last we visited and anticipation was high for VIV Riverside. 


Singapore Signature Chilli Crab ($8 per 100grams)


In conjunction with the upcoming National Day, Chef takes a spin on our national pride with an absolutely tantalizing version of Chilli Crab. Just the gravy itself is worth seconds. This dish is best consumed with an extra order of deep-fried mantou buns ($4.80 for 4 pieces) to soak up all the gravy. My one and only grouse with this dish is, wishing there is extra mantou to go round!


Crispy Bull Frog with Ginger ($26)

Mention frog and I get a tad squeamish over the goggled eyed amphibian, much less take on the larger version - bull frog.

Say hello to crisp skinned frog legs and meaty frog parts that go great with beer.


Stir-fried Sambal Prawn with Petai ($28)

Petai is such a huge weakness, especially with sambal and while the dish can do with more heat, there's no stopping of this uniquely asian dish that promises a party of flavours.  


Roasted Truffle London Duck  ($24)

I got sold on truffle, crispy skin and an immensely fragrant juicy duck. I'd have thought london fat ducks were pretty much passe, but this roasted truffle duck turned the tables on me.  


Stir Fried Pork Belly with Salted Fish

This dish alone with dish is comfort food at its best, salted fish makes everything taste good and pork belly strips are my weakness. 


Congee with Flower Clam and Prawn ($28)

Cantonese style porridge with clams and prawns, super hearty and comforting.  


Cracking Pork Belly Ginger Scallion XO Noodles ($22)

One can probably never have enough of pork belly yet it was more of pork strips than pork belly here. The noodles were slightly laced with alkaline taste but I'm not complaining when it evaded the usual sogginess and remained springy throughout. 


Reggae night! 

I am loving this new concept by VLV, and I've tempted friends to pay them a visit even - I would be too, really soon!

VLV Riverside
Clarke Quay

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