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Two Men Bagel House Revisited @ Icon Village

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Think bagels, think Two Men Bagel House. These brothers, like the ramen brothers have kept their partnership strong and made good with new creations. One thing has remained constant - the passion for their craft and those hand rolled bagels. The menu seems to have undergone yet another overhaul since the last pig out.

Bakey ($10)
Bacon, Scrambled Egg, Cheese, Scallions, Chipotle Mayo

Avo-Baco ($11)
Avocado, Bacon, Greens, Aioli, Egg, Tomatoes

Hotchick ($13)
Gochujang Sauced Chicken, Pickled Daikon, Cucumber, Roasted White Seeds, Egg

I am simply not a fan of chicken with skin and more so if the skin is not crispy. This was the least favourite of combinations and albeit huge kudos for the creativity, the flavour profile did not work for me.

Pick your flavours properly, so far the fool proof combinations include eggs, bacon and cheese.

Two Men Bagel House
Icon Village

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