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Honeycake @ Twelve Cupcakes

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Twelve Cupcakes have since branched beyond cupcakes and for a while now, been offering the highly sought after honey cake.


I've not been to Australia to rave about the epic honey cake that most travellers say is a die-die must try. The Russians and English can fight tooth and nail laying claim over who owns the recipe of the honey cake but from a Singaporean's point of view, this does look quite like the kueh lapis that I grew up with, except honey glazes every layer before being topped with what looks like and tastes like cake crumbles.


I won't say I am an immediate fan, the sugar levels does hit me hard somewhere after the first few bites. The density of the cake layers too does not make this a top favourite too when picking a cake. If adventure is up your palette, try adding a dash of soya sauce to it, it miraculously produces a flavour profile of salted caramel. How odd.

Just once and curiosity satisfied. I'd stick to their cupcakes.

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