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Guacamole by Gastro Therapy Group @ OUE Link

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The only time I'm on the overhead bridge from Chevron House to Fullerton Bay Hotel is possibly when I need to access either sides and hardly do I dine there on purpose. Guacamole is one of two dining spots along the stretch selling guac bowls.

Standard Bowl ($11.90)
Guacamole Topping ($2)

Each standard order comes with 2 Proteins + 1 Base + 5 Fixed Toppings + 1 Sauce. I had my bowl with pasta base, grilled chicken and pulled pork with their 5 fixed toppings of salsa, corn, cabbage, black beans, red peppers, beetroot yogurt dressing and cheese!

Both proteins were more than enough for the portion of greens and while I hoped there were other salad bases apart from cabbage available, it was a hearty bowl. I spiced my bowl up with splashes of habernero.

Guacamole by Gastro Therapy Group
OUE Link

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  1. with a name like that , one would expect an emphasis on avocado etc