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The Laneway Market Revisited @ Tanjong Katong Road


I went back to The Laneway Market and it was to reminisce the good meal I had some years back. While the decor looked the same and menu had some minor changes, it looked and felt the same.




These dried bouquets caught by eye from the ceiling. 

First impressions after such a long while, food came after eternity and the cafe was not even running at full occupancy.


Charred Broccoli ($8)
Pesto, Parmesan, Chilli Beef

Poached till baby food texture then charred, the texture left little to be desired after. The chilli beef adn pesto was an odd accompaniment, making this a confused dish.


John Dory ($16)
Beer Battered, Homemade Tar Tar, Truffle Fries

The dory fillet reeked of metallic taste and the over browned batter rendered this fish and chips, unappetizing. Thank god for the tartar sauce which makes everything taste good. To think I was sold by truffle fries which would have otherwise cost $12 with chilli beef, chalky overcooked fries which barely tasted of potato even.


Fried Chicken ($15)
Drumsticks, Truffle Honey Drizzle, Mash, Brown

The frozen chicken smell was too strong for truffle honey and hash ended up too sweet.


Alaskan Crab ($15)
Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Crab Slaw

For $15 I thought I snagged a good deal for Alaskan Crab and who was I kidding anyway? Battered soft shell crab and a crab mayo salad for the bun. Twas the most enjoyable of the dishes attempted this lunch.

The abysmal experience definitely leaves little or no room for a revisit even.

The Laneway Market
266 Tanjong Katong Road

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