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Souperstar @ Tanjong Pagar Center

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Souperstar has gotten my attention for awhile now, offering a slew of soups, fusion popiahs, sandwiches and also rice sets.

Soup and Modern Popiah Set ($7.40)

Tomato Basil Medium 

Tangy and more sour than I expected, this was still appetizing.

Seafood with Mayo Popiah (+$0.50)

This was supposedly prawns, crabmeat and japanese seaweed and wasabi mayo wrapped in popiah skin and ended up tasting mostly of mayo with some crunchy bits and crystal prawns (not quite the fresh prawns they claimed) and barely any trace of crabmeat.

Modern Popiah ($2.50)

Most customers order this and I had high hopes especially when popiah is one of my favourite hawker eats - with extra chilli. Overall on the sweet side and it has to do with the crushed sugar peanuts that they sprinkle ever so generously. Nowhere near the standard I'd queue for long at hawker centers, it is good enough for that quick lunch.

That said, I'd probably stick with Soup Spoon for soups and hawker centers for popiah.

Tanjong Pagar Center B2-31

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