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Shake Salad @ AXA Tower

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Salad revolution has arrived with the vending machine - I would not have imagined this happening a good ten years ago when I got hooked on vending machine hot sandwiches.

The promise of freshness guaranteed is very tempting indeed, and I am just wondering how they handle wastage.

 The entire experience was fussfree, non interactive (hooray for loners like me!) and very pleasant. Cashless even and really, this is what dining will be in the near future. All I need is a decisive mind.

There is a choice of salad base, caesar, kale, mesclun and chopped and dressings too, from low fat to full fat and of course proteins which come at a supplement.  

Mesclun Salad ($5.90)
Chicken Breast ($2)
Honey Mustard Dressing

I love how this comes with a reusable tupperware and the toppings and dressing is served separately so that ensures the salad remains fresh and crisp till I eat. This addresses the point about salads turning soggy if they are not eaten within a certain freshness window period.

Shaking my salad to mix in all the ingredients is part of how it was named anyway - Shake (my) Salad! 

I was definitely surprised at how fresh the salad was by the time I tucked in and novel as it is, having a tupperware to take home is a plus!

The only pain point now is, being there early enough to get my fix of fresh salads because this is proving to be a lunch hit! I hope they continue to expand their protein offerings to include more gourmet choices - think, carmelised pork belly or even garlic prawns! Well, one can always dream right?

Shake Salad
AXA Tower (Basement 1)
8 Shenton Way

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