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Patara Fine Thai Cusine Revisited @ Tanglin Mall

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It is a no brainer which Thai restaurant we decided to go, given my obsession with Patara Thai. I am sold on food  and ambience and so far the experience has been pretty good!


Fried honey-marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf and served with Thai sweet chilli sauce ($20)

Hardly can go wrong with pandan chicken. 


Red curry fish cakes with kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil, served with cucumber salsa and sweet chilli sauce topped with crushed peanuts. ($20)


Fresh pomelo and prawns salad tossed with lemongrass and chilli jam dressing ($19)

Fruit salads tend to be overly sweet yet this was laced with a certain sweet and sourness from the pomelo sacs and ends of with a fragrant and mildly spicy chilli jam dressing.


Lightly battered crab with a salad of crisp julienned mango, roasted julienned coconut, cashews and crispy shallots ($22)

So much tropical love going on here, with splashes of coconut, mango and even a battered soft shell crab to up the sin factor in this. 


Chicken and galangal in silken, herb-infused coconut cream soup ($12)


Authentic spicy hot and sour soup with prawns flavoured with Thai herbs, mushrooms and slices of young coconut meat ($12)

It is a pity their soups are no longer sold in pots but bowls, between the mouthwatering two, I loved tom yum for the spice and the coconut cream soup for that creamyness and also surprising heat that greets me towards the end! Just how many types of soups do the Thais have? It seems that Tom Yum Goong is but the beginning of a spicy journey.


Hot basil leaves made this uniquely Thai, only for the life of me I cannot remember if this is pork or beef!


Whole Seabass steamed in lime, garlic and chilli broth ($42)

Super worthwhile and must order! Seabass was steamed to the right consistency and the lime, garlic and chilli broth made the inner Thai citizen in me grin. So good on its own, I'd have this with rice anyday.


Kang Kong Shrimp Paste ($19)


Broccoli ($20)


Olive Fried Rice ($21)

Another must order at any Thai restaurant is their olive fried rice. Peppered with the other condiments, it is a no brainer why Thai jasmine rice is so highly sought after.


Boston Lobster ($79)

This was a last minute add on and we had it with mee sua. Premium mee sua it is with lobster chunks yet so satisfying! Lobster roll versus lobster noodles, this battle is a tough choice.

Once again, we had another great encounter at Patara. Sumptuous dishes and lovely ambiance.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Tanglin Mall #03-14

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