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Open Farm Community Revisited @ Minden Road

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I have been on a roll revisiting past favourites and this time, it was Open Farm  Community. Brunch was so good, dinner took a number of years before I actually returned. Outwardly, OFC looks the same like I remember it to be except dinner makes the whole place extra enchanting with fairy lights.



The children's play area.


A walk in their herb garden!





Adopt a bonsai anyone? Quite a cute initiative since most of the table blooms go to waste anyway, so might as well put them up for sale.


Crispy Jurong frog legs, root vegetables and lemak inspired curry, garden curry leaves


I missed out on curry in the description and was pleasantly surprised when a bowl of curry arrived. Frog leg fritters in a curry broth resembling lontong and a side of pita bread. Loved the mild heat and surprises that this dish sprung and that set the meal off on a good note.


Roasted Kuhibarra Barramundi, Green Pea Puree, Compressed Celery and Green Ago, Tom Kah Veloute, Trio of Crackling ($30)

Firm fleshed barramundi made this outstanding of the three fish dishes we have. Plus, green pea puree which turned out to be a sweet and smooth contrast to the other elements.


Red Grouper Burger, Chucky Tar Tar Sauce, Pickled Cucumber, Fries ($30)


I was reminded of a very atas filet-o-fish with a chunkier patty which was a huge pity because there was so much potential with red grouper being used.


Roasted Red Snapper, Charcoal Barley, Calamansi and Sesame Cucumber Salad, Garden Roselle and Hibiscus Ketchup, Pickled Cucumber ($32)

This was memorable because of the hibiscus ketchup that was presented like design that would fit Halloween perfectly. Snapper was reasonably fresh and the skin fried till crisp but there was just that. Another fish dish.


Duo of Roasted Lamb Loin and Yogurt Braised Lamb Shank, Cauliiflower Cous Cous, Caramelised Yogurt, Cauliflower Chips ($36)

Save for those cauliflower chips and cauliflower cous cous, this dish was largely forgettable. The lamb although done tender was missing out on some character to stand out from the bevy of fish dishes.


Mud Crab Pappardelle with Thai Curry Sauce, Crunchy Yellow Squash, Coconut, Garden Thai Basil

Best of the meal three years ago and still so, 3 years later. Dry pasta always works for me, the same way I'd pick dry noodle over soup. I love the ingenious pairing of thai curry with mud crab and pappardelle. The hand made noodles had a certain delicious density to is, two thumbs up!

Dinner turned out less satisfying than the first visit, maybe standards have dropped and I just was not enjoying OFC the way I remembered it to be.

Open Farm Community 
Minden Road

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