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Nouri @ Amoy Street

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I am always game to check out new restaurants and even more so when my favourite food and beverage group is rolling out new concepts. Signal in Nouri, a place that aims to nourish.



Still or sparkling, or warm water all gets you a water charge on your bill. Reason being, filters are installed for those taps.


Or really just treat yourself to a nice glass of white. They have an extensive range of uncommon wines and the sommelier is more than happy to recommend. 


Noted for the next visit!


Rye bread and basil butter opened my eyes to how less is more for a bread basket.



It was a single slice with such beautiful air holes and crust that I secretly wished they asked me if I'd like seconds.


Mushroom ($40)
Rare Sanctity Mushroom with Grapefruit and Sauce Amandine, Hasselback Potatoes, Parsley and Cultured Cream, Buckwheat, Fennel, Grape and Betel Salad, Fennel "Restaurant" Broth


I love my greens and would consider eating salads for meals but to opt for a vegetarian course over meat? It takes a whole universe of resolute and curiosity. 

The meatyness of the seasonal sanctity mushroom and earthyness of the dish as a whole was an intriguing experience. So was I eating meat or not? The fundamental question. I liked it enough to give up meat for just one meal and this was that dish.


Those haselback potatoes are so delicious, comfort food done right and the parsley and cultured cream put sour cream to shame.



Their broths though look similar, are extracted from different ingredients. This paired with the mushrooms are made from fennel as a key ingredient! 


Fish ($40)
Raymond's Grouper, Coconut and Sweet Potato Mash, Green Mango Salad, Thai Sweet Corn, Lime and Paprika, Fish "Restaurant" Broth

I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed this fish course, portions were clearly lacking and the fish was flaccid.


But, and there lies a huge but, the sides were amazing. Coconut and sweet potato mash came in such a gorgeous purple hue.


Thai sweet corn disguised as kimchi corn.


The sides tasted healthier in this set than the vegetarian course. I enjoyed the ingenious pairing of coconut and sweet potato in a mash. Truly a party in my mouth. 


Best view in the house, right at the chef's table. 


Dessert which I realised was also on their dinner menu. Great for those who love mousse and different textures on a single plate.


Lunch trivia included discovering how to make this bill deliverer, croak. Good luck!

I would have expected lunch to be whambamthankyoumam fast yet be reminded this is no express lunch. For sure the presentation of courses is alot less fanfare than dinner but be prepared for a wait or two if tables are full.

The idea of showcasing lunch Teishoku style is novel and I like the idea of small plates to go with our chosen courses.


Somewhere between that lunch and a revisit was the idea of dinner which is alot more casual, and time is not an essence. Infact, we had the whole night to play. And still we had counter seats which was such a treat, watching chef and his team cook was therapeutic.




Pre dinner drinks at the bar counter and a really humourous bartender. I love these fun encounters. 


And orange wine, we finally had a go at.


Christianed the Tangerine Dream by Smallfry Wines, their wines are made in small batches and reminds of citrus peels and spice blends. 


Bread and Broth
Rye Sourdough, Silken Cheese and Vegetable Broth


The same lustworthy sourdough made a reprise over our 7 course dinner ($170) with a treat, that silken cheese was so smooth, I would have mistaken it for tofu even.




Drink up to...another meal like this soon!



Blinidi with Cultured Coconut and Caviar

Black Rice Cracker with Miso-Uni-Lavender emulsion, Orange and Bottarga

Of the trio, I loved this best. Miso and uni already rocked with their intense flavours, plus bottarga? Pow wow yummeh. 

Gherkin with Tarhana and Pickled Peppercorn


Tomato and Oat
Hatiku Farm Berries, Burrata Pugliese, Oat Broth, Petai Leaf


Sold on burrata, anyday, everyday. The way the  cheese stretched and melted into a creamy mess of satisfaction made this a clear favourite for me.


King Crab
Soy and Golden Chives Emulsion, Lardo and Lettuce Heart

I am picky about the way King Crab is usually used in dishes and this was a springroll of king crab and lardo. There was unfortunately some overshadowing of flavours though serving up just king crab would have been more than sufficient. Loved the ingredients, on the fence about execution and the way the dish smelled (this is a personal peeve though).


Acaraje and Vatapa
Afro-Brazilian Fritter, Tumeric and Coconut Sauce, Bread and Salted Prawn Vatapa


So good. For a lack of a better catch phrase.

I love my fritters to death, potato, cassava, yam...meat, I love them all. This came with a tumeric and coconut broth that blew me away with the pairing, and then the crispy fritter. SOLD. 


White Sanctity
White Sanctity Mushroom, Black Trumpet and Black Truffle Puree, Mushroom Broth and Szechuan Oil


Having had their mushroom course over lunch, I was honestly none too excited about this. Until szechuan oil, the heat and tongue tingling mildly numbing sensation sent waves of excitement down the throat. How ingenious really, to capture that heat of peppercorns and marry it so beautifully with as foreign an ingredient as the white sanctity mushroom and black truffle.

Chicken and Fennel Two Ways


White Pepper and Chicken Thigh Cheong Fun, Fennel Oil and Pomegranate

Breakfast at dinner? This version was pretty legit except the cheong fun could do with more silkyness.


Butter Poached Chicken Breast, Dandelion Puree, Fennel, Anise and Pickled Fennel Flower

Super juicy chicken breast and the dandelion puree made this my preferred main course over wagyu rump!

Wagyu Two Ways


Wagyu and Kimchi "Nduja', Cashew Romesco

Personally this was like italian sausage meat sandwiched between crackers, liked the concept but the execution was lacking in some finesse.

DSC_8069Wagyu Rump Cap, Spiced Tomato Ketchup, Fermented Celeriac and Mustard Salad, Tomato Heart and Foam

All things redeemed with a beautiful slab of red, succulent and delicious.


Nasturtium Marshmelw, Candied Orange

I was reminded of fruit pastilles with this pre dessert.


Milli Vanilli
Banana and Rum Foam, Tahitian Vanilla Ice-cream, Buckwheat Crumble, Calamansi


We were presented with yet another teaser, unbox this for the treat!


Two little parcels!


Pickled nutmegs. 



Big Red Robe

Different Textures of Plum, Mirabelle Plum Fluid Gel, Chocolate Petite Ecolier, Oolong Tea

Alot of thought went into this dish, from the temperature that the chocolate should be served to textures to tea pairing. Exquisitely put together and ended the meal with such aplomb.

Dining at Nouri over lunch and dinner certainly brings about a different experience altogether. I definitely enjoyed dinner alot more with  the pacing and complexities of each course. Word has it that the menu changes every couple of months, I am up for the new menu as it is!

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