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Le Petit French Cuisine @ Serene Center

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Serene Center holds special memories for the Hubba and I (not that we met there!). Infact it was such a part of our growing up years. I wonder why I never bothered enough to step foot into Le Petit that has been around for that many years! So many dining establishments have opened and closed yet Mcdonalds and Le Petit French Cuisine have held on so strong.

With an in house french patissier, one can expect heaps of french bakes and I was equally tempted by the display of desserts.


If there's any indication how crazy popular they are? They ran out of metal cutlery.


Foie Gras Panfried with Orange Confit and served with Salad ($19.50)

My rule of thumb when appetizers are priced as much as appetizers is to avoid them like plague - either they are using such premium ingredients that warrant the same price or it is actually a deterrence to ordering them at all. Ah, the kind of mind gymnastics I put myself through before ordering my food.


Sirloin Steak with Potato Gratin and Salad ($17.50)

I was disappointed with the medium rareness that it came in, I was hoping for a juicier red at least. That said, the steak was great.


Flavourful chunk served with a beautiful creamed potato.


Confit de Canard with Potato Grain ($17.50)

The duck actually stole the show with an incredibly crispy skin and moist meat. Nothing over the top just a perfectly executed duck and arguably the best potato gratin ever. Two bests in a dish, I am sold several times over.


French Onion Soup ($5 supplement)

The melted cheese toast was missing from this french classic but no complaints when the broth was brimming with onions and was so comforting. Together with those pillowy soft buns and butter, mamma mia!


A walk in the cafe and a sneak at their cake counter gets me so tempted to order everything!


Cherry Tart 

I remember cooking a cherry clafoutis before in one of my very whimsical kitchen moments and boy, it is not easy. The tart was on point, cherries juicy and best of all, it was not laden in sugar but smelt so good of butter!


Mixed Fruit Tart ($6)

Sweet cream and sweet berries maketh this masterpiece, if anything to note? I used to hate sweet cream tarts.

It's probably never too late to realise this hidden gem and without a doubt, I am loving their french classics.

Le Petit French Cuisine
Serene Center

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