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Kueh Ho Jiak @ Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

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Tanjong Pagar Food Center welcomes Kueh Ho Jiak to their tenant list and having been around since 1930 (I suspect it's the recipe more than the stall itself!), they  have been peddling these healthier alternatives to our kueh loving nation.


Made with sweet potato skin and shaped to the likes of animals, fruit and flowers. These kuehs are not made to last - any longer than a day, please refrigerate! No pork, no lard, no preservatives and artificial colouring.


Yam paste, peanut and hae bee hiam were the three attempted and they were infact very squishy to touch. Almost malleable like mochi and any slightest prod could damage its shape.


Of the three, yam paste was the most likeable followed by the spicy hae bee hiam and peanut. To trade the usual sinful greasy and somewhat lardy treat for this healthier option may need some cajoling, afterall  these treats do not come cheap (starting from $1.20 a piece!). 

For a piece of tradition and a slice of health, Kueh Ho Jiak has big shoes to fill and I sure wish them all the best in this kueh pie-ty. 

Kueh Ho Jiak
Tanjong Pagar Food Center

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