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Galaxy Cake by Twentysevenbyrachel

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You can almost say Twentysevenbyrachel is my to go for bakes these days, and what more when the little man's celebratory cake? I was almost jumping for joy when she opened for cake orders and I'm thankful she agreed despite this completely not being her style of cake design either.


With just two flavours to pick from, I opted for the somewhat more complex sounding Yuzu almond cake with yuzu curd and toasted coconut butter cream. For my own first birthday, my parents picked an old fashioned chocolate cake whilst the Hubba had a fresh fruit cream cake. So I guess the way to celebrate in the 21st century would be something fancier? Plus, yuzus are a favourite if not for a fact that they are so costly!

Two tiers to accomodate my ridiculously disproportionate topper and his first tiered cake! The experience was definitely fuss free and very smooth, and the galaxy cake was created with as little food colouring as possible (HOORAY!).


Spot the milkyway!

Heavy as can be, I was so afraid of dropping it and with the candle blown out, my little man turned One! The cake was so precise in terms of height between layers, the amount of buttercream and how straight those edges are. Cake baking to me is definitely more of a science than an art and it takes a scientist to really bake like Rachel.


So sharp those edges are! 


I love how the cake was dense instead of the fluffy sponge cake that is usually used for kid's birthday cakes. The density and slightly crumbly texture is a hit and miss, yet a hit for me since it holds up the tart yuzu curd so beautifully and the tropical toasted coconut buttercream frosting.

Happy birthday and may your dreams take flight and soar to infinity and beyond!

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