The Skewer Bar @ Lorong 27, Geylang


I love yakitori as much as I love satays, on a stick just makes the whole experience better. Here comes The Skewer Bar that injects a breath of fresh air to a district that's been popularized by history, hokkien mee and late night suppers. (If I can even try to put to words why Geylang is charming, at all.)


Nested within a coffeeshop, this is the only reason why I'd even pay the coffeeshop a second look.


Swanky cafe by the side. Word has it that crowds start filling and supper is chaos - so is parking. You've been warned.




Dining by the curb side has not gotten more happening, and with our killer weather? I say pick a table furthest from the stove even to try keeping cool - which begs the question why would I even eat grilled food at a sweltering 30 degrees on an evening?

Anyhow, if you're lucky...beg for one of their air conditioned tables inside their bar and well, good luck.


Watching the sky canvas whilst waiting for dinner is....therapeutic somewhat.


Chicken Mid Joint ($1.40)
Broccoli ($1.40)


Wilted greens which I enjoyed! Must be all the burnt vegetables in salads that converted me.


Chicken and Pork Meatballs ($2.60)

I've been pampered too much with tsukune and looked forward to the cartilage bits embedded within and this was really just meatballs with sweet sauce. 


Japanese Squid ($6.50)

A squid is a squid, is a squid regardless country of origin and the item that worked most for me turned out to be the chilli sauce that got us dunking nearly everything in.


Sweet Corn ($1.30)

These are grilled on the cob so they made things easier for us by deconstructing the corn into easier to nibble portions.


Shitake Mushroom ($1.40)
Cuttlefish Balls ($1.30)
Chicken Heart ($1.40)


Taupok Special ($5.50)

"Must Try" it seems and it was really just grilled tau pok stuffed with minced meat, vegetables and cheese. I liked the concept yet execution was on the meh-dinary side.


Whole Eggplant ($5)

So redmart spoiled me with $1.20 whole eggplants, raw. And for the remaining $3.80, I get a generous lather of chilli paste (don't bother, the grilled squid's chilli is da bomb). Value? Average.

Prices listed are per stick so these are really no different from Tori-Q prices, except it is in a more dubious location and deemed as refreshing.

I enjoyed my visit sans the heat but it definitely takes more than just price, queues and hype to lure me back.

The Skewer Bar
10 Lorong 27 Geylang