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SIN - DPS: Singapore Airlines

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First holiday for the year and we had our bags packed for sunny Bali! Our options were clearly limited with a baby in tow and I thank god for family helping out on board. At least, I had some time to eat and even snap decent pictures of what we ate.

Singapore Airlines was our first choice given how their amenities are on point for infant travel not to mention the automatic seat arrangement with a bassinet, I was already happy prior to boarding.

The kind crew onboard SQ942 were very thoughtful, giving us a survival kit of baby food jars, teethers and also a puppet to keep him entertained and also offered either of us a meal first so the other could take care of baby.


The western option was bad, for a lack of a better word. Rubbery scrambled eggs and a single pathetic chicken sausage.


Seafood noodles which was really mee siam goreng, essentially. I liked the spiciness and wished for more but this was suffice for a start to our trip. The prawns too albeit had a soggy batter were delicious.


So good, I polished it clean.


I love how the noodles were still al dente and none of the soggy nonsense that is expected when food is kept warm for long.


Magnum for dessert, yay!


I shan't complain that dessert was served at the same time as the meal proper since dessert at any time of the day works for me.


Noob me was intrigued by this whole milk satchet, since when does milk not get served in those mini peelable cups?


The best part of the meal? Silver cutlery. Somehow dining with proper cutlery changes the experience and hooray to these silver ware.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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