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Saigon Boy Express @ Icon Village

Within CBD, there are probably as many pho shops as there are salad shops. I'm not sure what correlation there is but I am not complaining. Saigon Boy promises Australian Vietnamese food from the heart, so those seeking the authentic Vietnamese experience will be shown the pho but that said, I already liked the forthrightness of this new kid on the block.


Barely a month old and it is packed during lunch hours, I look forward to more meals.


Lemongrass Pork and Prawn Rice Paper Rolls ($5)

Rice vermicelli cleverly draped over prawns and lemongrass pork and secured with nori,


Spicy Pulled Pork Burrito with Sriracha and Sour Cream ($5)

The same spicy pulled pork as featured in the bahn mi, turns out the burrito was a better fit with it.  

Fried Spring Rolls ($5)

Bamboo Chicken Spring Rolls with Plum and Mint Dipper

The dough was a tad too thick and minced chicken almost lost in the dough but the  plum and mint was a refreshing surprise at the bottom of the jar.


The Beef Eater ($9)
Beef Balls, Shin, Tenderloin


Robust broth with thick slices of tenderloin and shin with al dente rice noodles. This has definitely been tweaked to suit the local palette and would rival the who's-who in the beef noodle business.


Extra beef, just because it's sucha delicious bowl of pho.

The Flying Pig ($9)
Spicy Pulled Pork

I expected a spicy explosion of flavours with this spicy pulled pork but this ended up a tad too sweet and a hearty pulled pork stuffing. I'm afraid I didn't go flying with the hogs on this one, tasty within the first few bites but the sweetness got the better of me.


The Fat Pork Rolls ($9)
BBQ Lemongrass Pork Strips


Fat pork rolls were legit with the jellied rolls of fat between meaty bites. The pickles definitely made this shine and is without a doubt, my favourite flavour on the Bahn Mi menu.

The bahn mis come with  Pate, Pickled Vegetables, Onions, Mayo, Spring Onions and Coriander in a lower arm's length of baguette stuffed and wrapped. Portions are definitely heartier than the usual Vietnamese offerings which I have to thank the Australians for.


A side of salad ($2). 

Welcome Saigon Boy to CBD, I am loving this new addition and lunch times just got happier.

Saigon Boy Express
Icon Village

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