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Jill Pasanth Mangoes - Icecream mangoes, only better!

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A friend introduced these seasonal mangoes from India to me and claimed they were also known as "mango icecream". I was half convinced on the claims but who can resist mangoes anyway? For one, I cannot and mango sticky rice remains one of my favourite fruit desserts of all time, like durian penyat does not even come close.

The season lasts from June to July and it's completely a case of catch them while you can!


I had them chilled and also frozen just to get an idea how different the taste is. Slice in the middle and twist it like you would to an avocado and it breaks off so easily! No more butchering the poor mango and ending up with ill sized pieces.


There is indeed such a thing as perfectly smooth slices and that glistening yellow. Oh, my drool.


Peel off the skin and waste no flesh!

The batch we had was slightly sour for some and sweet for others, a pity these aren't uniformly honey sweet but I ain't complaining. I'd suggest freezing them for a maximum of 6 hours else it ends up rock hard and almost impossible to even scrape.

The science behind freezing mangoes like grapes then is it ends up tasting just like gelato.

So yes, I validated the hypothesis of this icecream mango claims. This is gelato made with 100% fruit, no preservatives nor sugar and best of all no churning required.

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