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T20 Cavan Restaurant and Bar @ Cavan Road


The.twenty.cavan also known as T20 joins the enclave of cafes that dot Jalan Besar with a fusion concept. Think Western and Asian flavours presented in a rustic style bistro with an open concept kitchen.

T20 Cavan at 20 Cavan Road cannot get more in your face.


Touches like these literally light up the cafe.


With a flicker of a button, it transformed into a light lamp.


Industrial chic ruleths the design of the bistro.


Right by the counter where drinks come alive, I spotted this corner that doubles up as a snack corner. It's a walk down memory lane with bits and bobs from yesteryears - gem cookies, curry crackers and even peas!


My little bowl of yesterday.

These aren't part of my childhood but I just couldn't help but reach for these wrapper sweets.



Mushroom Skewers ($8)

Rather than just fried mushrooms on a skewer, these were more like vegetable skewers with a medley of peppers, onions and mushrooms. The sauce in particular resembled tauhu telor's peanut sauce and was really delicious.


Canton Roast Chicken ($16)
Homemade Thai Chilli Sauce, Black Rice

I am hardly the roast chicken fan but at the recommendation of the waitress, this proved to be worth the while. Golden brown crispy skinned juicy chicken with a ingenious spiced nuts tossed in for texture and served with a portion of sticky black rice.

Completely took Hainanese Chicken Rice, nailed it and pulled off a rendition I reckon could rival the original. 


Fish + Chips ($16)
Seabream, Lager Batter

I am sorry but dory fish and chips is not my idea of fish and chips, infact the metallic taste that lingers makes the dish almost rancid.

Seabream, snapper, cod even makes me delighted and coat it with a lager batter? We are talking serious fishy business. Loved this to the last crumb and we both swore to return for more.

Heck, even the chips were addictive.


T20's on my list of must return and I've got my eye on their more adventurous blueberry lamb chops and soft shell crab!

T20 Cavan Restaurant and Bar
20 Cavan Road

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