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Salted and Hung Revisited @ Purvis Street

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Even after sighting this at the doorstep, I somehow forgot all about it and went ahead with their already pocket friendly 2 ($25) and 3 course ($35) set lunches. I reckon that leaves room for another visit?

Lunches are brisk affairs and fairly filled for a Friday afternoon too. No amuse bouche since it was lunch and I was mentally prepped for that.

Raw Beef
Prawn Powder, Wasabi, Herbs

Sinewy and buttery, this tasted more cured than raw as it suggested but spot on with the wasabi pairing.


Chorizo, Potato

Oh yawn, just skip this if really needed because this would have been weekend brunch material at any other brunch place.


Asparagus, Dashi, Kelp Oil

Now, I fished out a scale and the flavours were all over the place which was already disappointing to say the least. Stick with the beef, already.


Dill, Beans, Shimeiji

The mains were talking some serious business with a pan seared top crispy, bottom flaky barrarmundi with a tasty emulsion and beans. Hearty and wholesome, I cannot complain but I wasn't wowed.


Homemade Tagliatelle
Guanciale, Confit Egg

LOVED it. Smoother than egg noodles, these pasta strips were slurpworthy amazing and with the confit egg and shards of guanciale, it was just so tasty.

Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink is served with every order of lunch menu so that's some bang for the buck unless craft beers are up your alley.


Offally Good Sanga ($13)
Fried Tripe, Oxtail Rillette, Beef Tongue, Pickles 

Sanga  is an Australian slang for sandwich and I was definitely not expecting a full burger to be presented. And who says the Aussies do not have a mean appetite?

Offally good comes with a selection of their highly recommended stuffings - tripe, oxtail and beef tongue. All three were equally good on their on and even more so in a sanga, I enjoyed how the pickles awakened the tastebuds and called for a celebration with this offally good one.


Crispy Pig's Ears with Potato Salad ($16)

These lost out to Market Grill's somehow, they were a tad overfried and the potato salad missed out on the chunky goodness that a wholesome potato and mayo salad would have offered. Potato strips, just did not work out. 


Ending the meal with my favourite anzac biccies.  These are so good, I ordered extras to continue nibbling at home.

Lunch versus dinner, the battle is neverending and the saving grace is the outstanding items remain so regardless lunch or dinner and I would be keen to check out the Farmer's Table menu - just because!

Salted and Hung 
12 Purvis Street

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