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Kam's Roast Revisited @ Pacific Plaza

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~Invited Session~


Kam's Roast has launched Singapore's version of 8 Treasure Rice, a staple at most roast meat shops in Hong Kong, with 4 Treasure Rice which has the brand's signature dishes all on a single plate! Think Roast Duck, Soya Chicken, BBQ Pork and salted egg.


Priced at just $11.80+ for takeaway, this is a complete meal with soup of the day thrown in as well

Together with their new launch is also a range of marinated meats that are wildly popular in Hong Kong as well and go well with their existing roast meat range. 


Marinated Duck ($20)


Marinated Tofu ($4.80)


Marinated Egg ($1.80)


Marinated Duck's Gizzard ($8.80)


Marinated Chinese Mushrooms ($5.80)


If their new menu does not appeal, just stick with their classics like Toro Char Siew and famous Roast Duck. This marinated cucumber with vinegar and garlic ($6.80) was still as good, crunchy chilled goodness!

Kam's Roast
Pacific Plaza

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