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Honestbee Delivery: Empress Place Beef Noodle

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Food deliveries are my lifesavers on rainy days, lazy days and any other day I feel I deserve a break and food sent to my doorstep would just make it a whole lot better. With the stiff competition these days, vendors like Honestbee have also branched into food delivery for the share of the fat pie.


Empress Place Beef Noodle was the only option next to JK Don for Asian and we were all keen to see how soup would survive a delivery, arrive piping hot and still be as comforting as if I were to dine in at the coffee shop. To be fair, I've only known Hock Lam Beef Noodle as THE beef noodle.


Beef Char Kuay Teow ($7.80)

I see no difference between fried beef kuay teow and this though it was clearly already missing out on wok hei and my food was served hardly piping hot and kuay teow was already soggy.


Beef Kuay Teow Dry ($9.80)

We were all wondering if dry beef kuay teow meant laksa noodles with a starchy sauce over it but it turned out similar to their beef kuay teow soup with alot less soup and chilli served with it. Beef slices here are sliced as thin as those used in shabu shabu.


Beef with Tendon Kway Teow (Soup) ($9.80)

The only plus point with this is, soup and noodles are served separately with an additional portion of soup too just in case we wanted more soup. Heavy on innards and probably simmered in them for hours, this had a certain pungency to it and I'm no offal fan to even like it.

Delivery was prompt with an update when my rider was approaching. Overall Empress Place Beef Noodle isn't my kind of beef noodle, from the beef to the noodle infact.

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