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Flying Monkey @ Bussorah Street

~Invited Session~


Flying Monkey adds a breath of fresh air to the row of shops along Bussorah Street, infact, it is one of the few bars with bespoke cocktails available on their menu.


The bar is quite something to look out for and Head Bartender turning heads (pardon the pun!) with his eye catching beard. Dubbed "The Beard", his magic hands have concocted signatures like Goa Mamma Lassi, Yo Yo Mani and Monkey On Fire to name a few.



Mind It! ($18)
Monkey 47 Gin Infused with Jasmine, Maple Syrup, Fresh Mint and Lemon


The Flying Monkey ($18)
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, King's Ginger, Jaggery Syrup, Bitters



Yo Yo Mani ($18)
Plantations 3 Star White and Overproof Rum, Koko Kanu Coconut Rum, Coconut Water and Cream, Kerela Rice Syrup



Monkey On Fire ($18)
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Maraschino, Honey, 3 Spice, Coconut Water



Goa Mamma Lassi ($18)
Mango, Passion Fruit, Aylesbury Vodka, Plantation Dark Rum, Milk, Yogurt


Tandoori Chicken ($10)
Chicken on the bone marinated with yogurt and spices

Generously spiced, this is a good choice of a tasty number to begin our Indian eat-venture with.


Tulsi Cod ($15)
Cod Fillet marinated with basil charred in the tandoor

Tandoor anything works for me, I love the fragrance and smokeyness of the food especially. The chicken and cod were equally delicious and I wonder how the tandoor really works to retain the juiciness of the meat particularly.


Kurkuri Bhindi ($8) 
Okra Crisps coated in spiced gram flour

Move over potatoes, okra crisps are the new chips. These are slightly starchy and absolutely tasty - perfect with a cocktail or beer in hand.


Calamari 65 ($10)
Curry Leaves

Best eaten piping hot else be faced with greasy fingers and a soggy batter.


Truffle Naan ($14)
Crispy Truffle Naan served with Paneer Mousse and Pear Chutney

Truffle anything seemed to be the IT food of 2015 but this version thankfully does not come with a douse of truffle oil, but a massage of truffle paste into the naan dough and what we have is a chewy and delectable naan best eaten with the crumbly paneer mousse. I found the pear chutney a tad too sweet and superfluous.


Nalli Gosht ($26)
Lamb Shank cooked overnight served with Garlic Naan

Tuck into a deliciously tender lamb shank perfumed by the flavours from the herbs. The garlic naan here however was on the pasty side.


Meen Kulambu ($24)
Fish cooked in Tamarind Curry served with Malabar Paratha

While the lamb shank was great, the fish curry is not to be missed either. I would love for both mains to pack a more fiery bite yet the mild heat that tingled was also enjoyable. Fresh fish fillets soaking in a tangy and mildly spicy curry, and this time the paratha was spot on chewy and doughy.


Jelebi ($10)
Traditional Indian Pretzel doused in syrup


Kulfi ($10)
Homemade Saffron and Pistachio Icecream 

Truth be told, I am no indian sweets fan, infact I find them way too sweet for comfort. The sweetness that hits like a wave of tsunami is unforgettable and I probably find more solace in their lassis than sweets.

Watch out for Flying Monkey and their sister restaurant, Pizza Fabrica that offers more than just mouth watering pizzas but award winning ones, as they take the dining scene by storm literally.

Flying Monkey
67 Bussorah Street

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