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Dolcetto by Basilico Cakes

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I love to have my cake and eat it, and honestly if I could have things my way I would eat cake everyday. One of the things I do when I check into any hotel is to check out the bakery and oogle at their cakes. Regent, is by far my favourite hotel for Food and Beverage, cakes included so everytime a special occasion comes by, I think of them.

I'd eaten all the non-chocolate flavours over the last couple of months and here's a review of them! Onto the chocolate flavours next! 


Carrot and Orange Cake ($38)
Carrot Sponge cake. Carrot Cream is with citrus and Orange Juice

I have had enough carrot cakes to do a double take on this carrot and orange cake. I love how this had none of the fondant (eeks!) or whipped cream or fanciful sugar adornments. Just the sponge cake with a heap of fruits. The best part about the cake is how carrot and orange are infused so beautifully that there is none of the raw carrot nor overbearing citrusy flavours showing through.

Just a really moist carrot and orange cake.


Raspberry Tart with Tanitian Vanilla Chantilly ($38)
Tart with Almond Sponge,Almond Cream with Coconut flakes by the side. Topped with Mascarpone cheese.

This was a monthly special and was creatively turned upside down and that was the magic of it, the crust exterior was so smooth with the glace! OCD me has issues with imperfect cakes.



Addictively crunchy tart base with a crumbly and wholesome almond cake filling studded with sour cherries. So delicious, please. It was so good, between two of us we polished off half the tart. Just typing makes me feel guilty for the calories consumed.


Apricot Tart

The apricots were a tad sour but tart base still spot on.


Mixed Berry Tart

It took me two attempts to declare this a favourite, the filling was not entirely cream or custard but a combination that was really delicious.


Strawberry Torta ($9.50)
Vanilla Sponge with Whip Cream, Strawberry and Caramelized Almond by the side


Bronte Pistachio, Morello Cherry, Mascarpone Mousse Cake ($9.50)
Thaiti Vanilla sable with Bronte pistachio crunchy Feuillette, Mascarpone cheese mousse, bronte pistachio sponge and Morello cherry jam in yellow glaze and Mascarpone cheese whipped cream

The surprise came right at the bottom with that crunchy pistachio feuillette, a very pleasant end to the multiple layers of pistachio sponge, tangy cherry jam and mascarpone cheese mousse. Simplicity in complexity sounds like an oxymoron but it was a complicated yummy mess.



The slice was so good, the husband so lovingly surprised me with a whole cake! We were all too happy to eat extra slices of this - PLUS, the whole cake was fresher than the sliced cake. 


Ricotta Blueberry Cake with Limoncello and Wild Berry's ($9.50)
Ricotta Blueberry Cheesecake with glazed on Limoncello on top and fresh wild berry


I loved that splash of blueberry jam that greeted me when I dug into the beautiful creation. Tart cheesecake kissed with blueberries.


Pistachio Choux ($7)

These choux puffs are so cute, something about the way the swirl of pistachio cream sits snug in between the choux hat and bottom before it gets topped with an adults-only liquor infused cherry. That is what I love about these petit fours, they more often than not look too cute to eat and when I do, there's a playful twist to it.

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