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Chikuyotei @ Intercontinental Singapore

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Unagi don has been lingering on my mind since Nodaiwa and of course the last very unforgettable visit to Man Man. Thanks to a tip off by a fellow foodie, Chikuyotei was flagged for best unagi don.


There are two outlets under the umbrella and apart from the Intercontinental outlet, they have another at Robertson.



Their appetizers of spinach and the organic salad were scrumptious, except portions were on the small side. 


Unagiju Lunch Set ($98)
Broiled Eel with top on rice



Hitumabushi Lunch Set ($72)
Chopped Eel on Rice served with clear soup


There are 3 different ways to eat this and this set comes in only whole or one and a half portions.


The side condiments of peppercorn, grated wasabi and spring onions gave this unagi don more character - the heat and tingling biting sensation was absolutely addictive. 




I love how their sets come in half, whole and one and half portions. These sets come with a starter, organic salad, mains, pickles, soup and dessert.

Their eels are grilled the Tokyo and Nagoya way, eel-education which I'm a complete noob about. Turns out the Tokyo method of steaming and grilling the eel rendering the eel tender and soft. The Nagoya method involves just grilling hence the texture of the eel is chewier and on the rubbery side.

Between the broiled and chopped, I found my preference in chopped eel. Both were aromatic versions and the fragrance was heavenly. No more supermart unagi dons from now on if I may so audaciously declare. Fluffy rice and grilled unagi is perhaps the most comforting combination I've had so far and I loved it that way without any fancy soup or even grated wasabi though that would be great for rainy days.

It is no wonder the Japanese love their fish with such a vengeance, I would too when the respect given to food is so high.



Green Tea Pudding


Smooth wobbly jar of yummy with a mild tea aftertaste, this would rival the likes of the Paris Baguette's famed milk puddings. Delicious end to the already satisfying meal.


This place is definitely worth a return for their specialty though beef and sashimi seem to be the other hot favourites too.

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