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Talay Kata @ Orchard Central

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~Invited Session~


Mookata was trending previously, and Talay Kata comes along to redefine the Thai Buffet Experience with not just one but three concepts! "Talay" means Seafood and "Kata" refers to skillsets, the   utensils used for Thai Barbecue to bring out the best taste and essence of the ingredients.


Diners are in for a treat at this multi concept buffet featuring steamboat, mookata and also cooked food!


DIY som tam!


The array of cooked food for the ravenous, I always enjoy having cooked food first during a buffet if self cooking is also required - at least this keeps those hunger pangs at bay!


These tamarind prawn skewers remind me of street food somehow!


Tons of goodies for the steamboat!


Look out for the cheese balls which was super satisfying when the cheese pops in my mouth!


Before you think this is seafood on ice, it is but these are raw and meant for either steamboat or mookata.


Bacon was spotted amidst the baskets of meats.


My self mixed papaya salad which could do with a weebit more punch, the lime juice used was on the sweet side. Otherwise, it was great fun! I made my own papaya salad from scratch previously and it was anything but a breeze, the amount of effort put into preparing the ingredients and when I finally ate it, it was heaven on earth.

So try the DIY section without any of the fuss of creating your own, this is rojak only better!



The cooked food section albeit limited was very tasty, particularly tom yum fried rice and those spiced wings.


Steamboating in progress starts with a fill of tom yum goong. It would have been great if there's bird's eye chilli on standby to adjust the level of spiciness.


Mookata with an awesome ventilation system in place, I'm totally not a fan of smelling like my food.


The copious amounts of meat good for one serious carnivore even. If only the experience also came with a mookata cook on standby, this would have been the best BBQ experience ever.

To be fair, the spread for cooked food, steam boat and mookata was considerably extensive and they also have a cooked food buffet option available for lunch and dinner launching come 21 April too! Look out for these favourites which I definitely had trouble stomaching all. The dishes like zichar ones are best consumed piping hot and I had a hard time picking a favourite because all were legitimately Thai!


 Braised Chicken


Fried Salted Egg Sotong


Fried Thai Basil Fish


Gai Satay


Grilled Chicken


Sambal Lala


Kang Kung Belachan


Save some room for dessert which features a special corner for their sticky rice special! 


These hand kneaded sticky rice balls come in an assortment of colours and flavours.  


And toppings too! The idea behind is to toss in as many toppings as one fancies, mix and eat!

Fruits and icecreams are also available for the less adventurous.


This ended up my favourite with a sweet and savoury finish. Chicken floss, hae bi, coconut milk, pumpkin and candied nuts even. Aroi mak mak!


As with all buffets, please do not over order nor over take and result in unnecessary wastage.

Weekday Lunch : Adult $18.80++ /  Child $9.40++
Weekday Dinner: Adult $28.80++ / Child $14.40++

Weekend Lunch: Adult $27.80++ / Child $13.90++
Weekend Dinner: Adult $33.80++ / Child $16.90++

Talay Kata
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central , #08-04/05

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