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Restaurant Week 2017: Summer Palace @ Regent Singapore

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It's always a joy to be back at Regent for a good meal and Restaurant Week made the decision easier for us - two restaurants booked just for this year's installation.



The cold amuse bouche of chicken and pine nuts in a piquant vinegar gravy. This was a very tasty morsel and I'd gladly order a full portion of this if they have it!


Classic Appetizer Platter
Barbecued Suckling Pig and Sliced Duck with Homemade Pancakes

This is my idea of roasts on a plate - suckling pig and duck. Both beautifully roasted and seasoned such that it was tough deciding which is better of the two. How about both?


Braised Eight Treasures Soup in Stone Pot


This stone pot soup was a head turner with the massive sizzling and spitting of bubbles for a good 10 minutes, threatening to scald anything or anyone.

I love stone pot soups because the soup is kept perpetually hot and was definitely a tummy warming comforting course that helped combat the freezing temperatures. Brimming with ingredients, this had at least 4 baby abalones, conpoy and fish maw until the point I wondered just how many portions went into this single pot.


Steamed Sea Perch Fillet with Chinese Olive and Red Chili

I remember having oven baked sea perch for my own wedding yonks ago and I was thrilled beyond measure having this yet again. Flaky tasty goodness, so good I even slurped the broth clean.


Stir Fried Ee-fu Noodles with Organic Corn Fed Chicken, Kai-lan and Shimeiji Mushroom

On the sweet side but there was nothing stopping me from devouring this delicious springy noodle dish at all. Eefu noodles are way too common these days but good eefu noodles are such a rarity.


Green chillies taste best with this and boy am I drooling over this again.


Combination of Desserts

Osmanthus jelly, mango sago and a mango aloe vera shot for the sweet finale. For once, I enjoyed the dessert shooters better.

Restaurant Week or not, Summer Palace has my vote for quality delectable chinese fare.

Summer Palace
Regent Singapore

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