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Dessert Story @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

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~Invited Session~


Dessert Story is the first dessert brand to bring the famed Taiwanese Peanut Candy Ice Cream Roll to Singapore, a dessert that is commonly seen at nightmarkets and particularly in Jiu Fen. I missed out trying yonks back.

We are all ready for the sweltering June heat!


Just like a spring roll, the peanut ice cream roll is an ice cream wrap with peanut candy shavings and coriander. There are two ice cream flavours - coconut and yam. When in doubt, just go for both flavours! 


To recreate the authentic taste, Dessert Story uses the peanut candy block from Taiwan. The shaving seems like easy work but it definitely looked way easier than it is!


First up, the popiah skin gets filled with peanut candy shavings.


Scatter them evenly in the middle.


Top with coriander leaves.


First scoop of yam icecream.


And two more follow suit.


Put your popiah wrapping skills to good use.


Ta-dah! I would have preferred if the popiah skin was chewier and icecream slightly more frozen, otherwise this is a real treat for the scorching weather!



Duo ice will also be launched soon in both strawberry and mango flavours.This features flavoured shaved ice and fruity topping with drizzles too.


While Dessert Story sounds like they only offer sweet treats, there is a range of savoury delights too ranging from fried noodles to steamed cakes.

Dessert Story
Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #B1-14

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