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Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique @ East Coast Road

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I'm admittedly very slow when it comes to catching up on new tables and part of me prefers to only check out a place when it's finally gotten over its teething problems, or delayed teething problems and finally operationally ready.

Which leaves no excuse to finally check out Birds of Paradise, one of the newer icecream parlours slash gelato corner slash, well just a place to hide from the heat and be charmed by what they have to offer.


This beautiful backdrop that is in almost every instagram post related to #Bopgelato.


The counter where sweet dreams come through with their medley of botanic inspired flavours, think white chrysanthenum, lychee raspberry and basil just to name a few.


None of the fancy nor alcoholic nor mind boggling range that gets the queue snaking because everyone wants to try all the flavours.


Love these soft touches around the very quaint and space limited boutique. I suppose it's me and cotton balls.


These tubs fit two scoops nicely.


And this is what being creative is about, recycling their imperfect thyme cones into snack bags. Call it ingenious, or what?


Pistachio ($4.40)
Special flavour (+$1)
Thyme cone (+$1)

I had to snap this against their gorgeous dried flowers and then gasp realising that this single cone cost me $6.40.

I buy the whole herbs and spices infusion into the flavours and crafting of waffle cones, I even like how their pistachio is not coloured dark green because real pistachio gelatos have a tinge of brown to it. This ties with Everton Creamery for yummiest pistachio icecream around.

Creamy without being overly decadent. I was already sold on a second visit, truth be told.


Lychee raspbery with mild hints of the fruits, definitely for the girly girl. Yeah, the non dessert fan approves even.

This is lifestyle and perhaps is the way to go with gelatos even. They are more than just hot day quick fixes and they just added a jolt of fresh air into this neighbourhood.

Birds of Paradise Gelato
63 East Coast Road #01-05

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