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Beach Road Kitchen @ JW Marriott

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~Invited Session~


JW Marriott South Beach's new dining destination - Beach Road Kitchen, unveils a brand new dining concept and this gives the other nine food and beverage options at South Beach a run for their money.

DSC_7798 - Copy

Be greeted by this at the entrance, pick your side - greens to the right and noodles to the left.

DSC_7802 - Copy

DIY laksa or seafood noodles. 


Seafood Room

Also known as the cold room, this stocks an array of salads, cold cuts and seafood on the ice sourced from around the world.



Oysters are freshly shucked on the spot.


I couldn't help but be tempted by these pickled vegetables.

DSC_7796 - Copy

Cheese and Charcuterie Station

DSC_7797 - Copy

DSC_7801 - Copy

I was half tempted to eat these tomatoes in whole so take them off the shelves if you dare.

DSC_7800 - Copy

The salad selection was

DSC_7830 - Copy

Charcoal Grill

DSC_7795 - Copy

The tomahawk is a show stopper with the long-handled steak resembling a chopper and this has three bones!


Otherwise, the next highly recommended grill items are the beef short ribs and vine tomatoes.



Local delights are also available for the diehards, think roast meats and hainanese chicken rice!

DSC_7828 - Copy

Not to be missed is their Pizza Oven which bakes pizzas on the spot throughout dinner.

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Signature Funghi and Formaggio Pizza ($28) inspired by Chef Stefano's younger days in Rome is a must try! This is available during the buffet and also as an ala carte order.

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Thirst, comes at a price.

DSC_7808 - Copy

There is a section devoted to desserts and sweets are a serious business with live stations for crepes and waffles alongside several other sweet treats.

DSC_7819 - Copy

I scream, you scream...soft serve?

DSC_7818 - Copy

Or homemade icecream tubs? Diners can dress up their icecreams with an assortment of sauces and toppings.

DSC_7815 - Copy

Open those cabinet doors to step into a sweet wonderland. These handmade fruit mochis came in eye catching colours and a garden concept.

DSC_7813 - Copy


DSC_7812 - Copy 

Rum babas.

DSC_7804 - Copy

Holey moley, the wall of candies that even I as an adult gets excited over. It's like walking into a candy store and everything is on sale.

DSC_7805 - Copy

What are your favourite sweets? Mine are these sour gummy rings.


I've gotten the hang of dressing my salads and this looks more like a chirashi-salad bowl with tuna tartare, smoked salmon and spinach leaves.


The truffle fragrance is amazing and best eaten piping hot.


Raviolis were also dished out from their Pizza Oven corner that night, mushroom stuffed parcels dunked in cream sauce.


Duck Rilette is a must try, buttery goodness best eaten with toast.


I saved some space for laksa with my own toppings, the lemak gravy was spot on but the noodles were a tad overcooked.


These minute foie gras on toast with mango chutney are worth seconds, I for one cannot resist foie gras at all.


Now for the meat platter consisting of Tomahawk, beef short ribs and roasted mushrooms, it was definitely very hearty and satisfied the carnivore in me.



The face off between the East and West is met with Lobster Bisque versus Bak Kut Teh. Both are equally legitimate dishes except I wish there was toast for the bisque and fried you tiao for the bak kut teh. 


My priorities are clear between mains and dessert. The awesome bit about their sweets is they are mostly in morsels which reduces wastage and I get to try as many kinds as possible.


Fresh off the soft serve machine, nothing beats having as many soft serves as I possibly can stomach after a buffet.

Beach Road Kitchen serves all day buffets starting with Breakfast at $42, Lunch at $58 and dinner $78,Sunday brunch buffets go for $108. 

Beach Road Kitchen
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