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Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki @ Tras Street

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We used to pay through our noses for Valentine's and be hurried through our dinner because of two seatings and were seated so close (any closer, I may just know their post dinner plans). So since that fateful Valentine's, the husband wised up and have gotten us reservations at Japanese restaurants on this special day.

Ushiodoki was originally on my plans for his birthday so imagine my delight when the surprise was revealed at the doorstep and I was already lusting after another carnivorous meal (Isshin was just too good!).

Specializing in Ozaki beef  rom Miyazaki Prefecture,Southern part of Japan, the meal only promised nothing but the best. 


Executive Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki is no stranger in the kitchen, and he started helping out as his father’s sushi restaurant in Osaka at the tender age of nine! What was I doing at 9? 


There are counter seats and long tables like these and also a private party room.


We had their Premium Ozaki Beef Course ($300) and I already fell in love with the cow chopstick holder already with evil plans of coveting it. Too cute!


Valentine's day special touches and I was definitely feeling the love in the menu. 


Sparkling rose on the house, just cause it's Valentine's.


We begin with a comforting start, beef stock with a precious slice, tofu and some greens. 


Chef worked like a clock work, nifty handiwork and never once stopped throughout dinner service.


Appetizers which were definitely wow-inducing. A platter for two and there were just so many elements to it and I definitely did not know where to begin.

Those cups stored cold chawanmushi and uni, super indulgent and sinful!


Beef shabu shabu with botan ebi and sea grapes, albeit on the mild tasting side was a good start with those melting moments of bliss.


Beef shoulder braised and shredded, served with a medley of yuzu, leeks and celery. Piquant and fragrant dish on its own.

The crunchy prawn head was by far the best keropok eaten, umami in every bite and I could just have prawn head errday all day!


Housemakde pickled celery made me rethink how I've viewed celery for good - these were crunchy, sweet and not overly doused in marinade. Just the right amount of everything and I can hardly tell if this was pickled!


Cooked oyster with inner shoulder was a more satisfying combo than bacon scallops even! Nary the need for extra seasoning, those diced spring onions gave this an added bright and pungent flavour.


Rosanjin Style Ozaki Beef Sukiyaki

This was clearly what I was waiting all night for.


Show some love for truffle shavings!


And egg porn.


This is a ushidoki signature and I should have known to order a portion with extra meat ($20 to upsize to 80gsm).  Chef unveiled a wooden box of prized beef before placing strips into the copper pot of boiling broth. 


Tender is a huge understatement because this was just melt in the mouth and it was a tough decision whether to stop at one or order seconds. The broth was sheer genius, the hours of simmering to capture all the flavours in the robust broth.  


Japanese Kumquat and Tomato Granite

Such an ingenious pairing though logically both are fruits and should go merrily but I had reservations towards tomato granite. Kumquat when preserved tasted just like persimmon and the tomato had a really mild pleasant flavour to it.


Braised Japanese Radish topped with Wagyu Miso

The miso was overpowering in this minced wagyu dish though the radish was really juicy.


Ozaki Beef Ebi Imo Croquette

I found the croquette lacking somewhat since it was minced beef potato stuffing. That said, the prettyfull salad was amazeballs.


Ozaki Beef Sushi

Beef sashimi with a cow shaped konbu to replace shoyu. Very thoughtful infact and I go do with more pieces!


Chargrilled Ozaki Beef

O.M.G. Four slices of heaven starring right at me.


That marbling is enough even at point of drafting this entry to lick my screen. Melt in the mouth is surely insufficient to describe that euphoria when I sunk my teeth into those slices.

I can never hate beef, for this reason. The flavours of a grain fed cow and the tender loving care that goes into it which results in such premium cuts. None of the fancy condiments or sides to upstage this because it is all about their awesome stock.


 Cold Somen with Tail Soup

Noodles after rice? Only at Ushidoki. 


Premium Hokkaido Milk Icecream

So it was a mass of delicious. Uber creamy milk icecream and a scattering of figs, brownies and rose petals. For all the love going on, I enjoyed icecream best and definitely, it was a befitting stunning end to the meal.

I would have balked at the idea of a beef omakase prior to Kyoto but Isshin opened up my eyes to what beef could be if it were a main protein of a meal and Ushidoki just reaffirmed it. Definitely worth a try and my special occasion became even more memorable because of that.
Ushidoki Wagyu Kaisek 57 Tras Street

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