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Unicorn Cake @ Patisserie Atelier

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The great thing about growing older is I get indulged in by the family and best of all, be surprised by cake! Gone are the days where the over the counter cakes intrigue me, infact my heart goes out to those trying to surprise me, but that said...this year's cake was a surprise well planned even though the restaurant deemed it "unsuitable" for their fridge. first and possibly not the last unicorn cake!


Salted caramel buttercream cake! Honestly, this tasted way better on the second day after collection, the first day rendered the cake and cream not so compatible. I usually shun the buttercream like plague yet this was finger licking so yummy, and that salted caramel with a lovely salty hint to it.

May the coming year be unicorns and ponies awesome possom!

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