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Suzette @ Esplanade

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Suzette is the sisterbrand of Lola's at Kovan (an area I hardly venture to) so joy is having this located more accessibly at Esplanade.




Lychee Rosewater Cake ($7)

I probably expected more from this than butercream, canned lychees and buttercake. If anything, it looked pretty on the cake stand.


Cinnamon Cheesecake ($9)  

Unlike the regular baked cheesecake, this was butter cake lathered with cream cheese and topped with crushed cookies.


White Chocolate Durian Tart ($12)


 And the single dessert makings its round on instagram and in the most corny manner ever - this was befitting since we were dining at the "durian" anyway.

Torched meringue thorns over a white chocolate dome and filled with pungent durian pulp. On paper it sounded absolutely irresistible and first bites were delicious except the sourness crept up like a villian - and I'm not sure where that came from. The concept is brilliant, except execution was missing some finesse.


I got my picture perfect images and had great company, just that it may not be a place I'd return for the cake or tarts. Perhaps homemade icecream and waffles?

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