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Plentyfull @ Millennia Walk

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Plentyfull was for a while the most instagrammable brunch place with  their open spaces, brilliant use of natural light, dried flowers and also housed a grocery corner in their concept store.


Grocery shopping anyone?


Fried Organic Eggs and Kin Yan Mushrooms on Sour Dough Toast ($16)
Grilled House-Made Duck Sausage Patty ($6)
Burnt scallion yogurt, pecorino cheese, cress

Burnt scallion yogurt definitely gave this a smoky finish alongside those earthy mushrooms.


Nothing to scream about the fried egg nor sour dough toast but the supplement of duck sausage patty was a smart choice on my part otherwise this would have just been a vegetarian course.


Indonesian Chicken Porridge ($10)
Chicken roulade, sous vide egg, fried shallots, spring onions, sesame

I laughed at the option of this on the menu - an East West marriage for the psuedo China man. And it seems that there were diners who would voluntarily pay for this overpriced  bowl of chok. No complaints about the generous toppings.


Fancy Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($16)
Cured Ham, Smoked Cheddar, Sriracha Mayo, Housemade Brioche, Apple Slaw


Just a handful of yum.


Berries and Whipped Ricotta French Toast ($16)

The pretty colours made this a hot favourite at most tables.


Raspberry and Lychee Cake ($9)

I was sold on the ruby red outlook and layers of raspberries and lychees. Except the taste department needed some tweaking, it was too sour at some parts and sweet at the other. Overall a tangy dessert that looked alot better than it tasted.

Hits and misses in this too pretty to miss cafe. If the typical brunch fare bores you then the porridge is likely to be your saving grace.

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