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Penang Hawker's Fare @ York Hotel

~Invited Session~


Penang food is York Hotel and the association has been there for the longest time ever - even the mothership knows and that speaks volumes. For the diehards, news had probably already got out way before the tasting since the restaurant was packed and for the unaware, the Penang Hawker's Fare runs thrice a year and for 2017, we begin with the instalment from March 10-26.


I love Penang and have plans for a return just for the street food which in my opinion, rivals that of Bangkok and Hongkong even.


12 stalls are on standby to whisk you away to endless helpings of mouthwatering dishes. Not forgetting free flow of bandung and calamansi drinks too!


Duck Porridge

Since 2014, this has been the highlight and is served with tender braised duck meat, pig's innards and topped with ginger strips and spring onions which gives this an added bite. The generous lashings of braised meat gravy made this extra comforting too!


Penang Laksa


Laksa in Malaysia are completely different from the ones we have locally and I strongly recommending giving the penang laksa a go because it may very well be the game changer. I prefer penang laksa for its tangy gravy, made with heaps of fish bones and meat.

Penang Prawn Mee

Prawn heads, shell fish and pork ribs makes this prawn mee tick.


Char Kuay Teow


Penang CKT has earned a reputation of its own and is a must try in Penang.


Wok hei, lard, duck egg and plenty of char is what differentiates their CKT from ours. Hands down, Penang's version wins and leaves no room for contention even.


Oyster Omelette

Crisp egg omelettes wok-ed perfect with rice flour batter, eggs and a generous toss of plump oysters.


Lor Bak

A popular fried snack, the usual staples include five spice meat rolls, prawn fritters and deep fried beancurd served with homemade chilli sauce and soy sauce.


Kuay Teow Soup or Dry

If the other dishes are too heavy, there is still clear tasting kuay teow soup that appeals with bouncy fishballs and shredded chicken.


Nasi Lemak with Nonya Chicken Kapitan

Fun sized portions are available at the buffet which makes trying all dishes very possible and leaves enough room for seconds too! I liked the sweet based ikan bilis belachan and fragrant coconut rice.


Penang Rojak


Cuttlefish Kang Kong

Both had the same  prawn paste sticky sauce and sesame seeds that makes these simple dishes very appetizing.


Ban Chang Kueh


I wish they brought in apom but these piping hot peanut pancakes were equally addictive.


Margarine and melted sugar tossed in ground peanuts makes a wonderful snack, those crispy edges and chewy insides especially, best consumed hot off the griddle before they lose its crunch and ends up more like min jiang kueh.

Ice Chendol/Kachang/Ice Ball

Cold dessert options are limited to shaved ice mainly and in the variations of chendol, ice kachang and ice ball. These bring back heaps of memories for me and the one key ingredient that makes penang chendol so delicious  is the generous drizzle of gula melaka syrup does make the world of difference! 


Dig into their sarsi and root beer drizzled ice balls, a treat in my parents' time that I never got to enjoy in the most unhygenic manner ever. Word has it they cup it in their hands and slurp. Perhaps slurpees were created with these in mind!

Dine at York Hotel to stand a chance to win prizes in their lucky draw! They include hotel stays in their Premier and Deluxe Rooms with dining credit and buffet vouchers too.

Mondays to Fridays $29++ (Adult), $20++ (Child)
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays $33++ (Adult), $23++ (Child)

York Hotel 

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