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Patara Thai Revisited @ Tanglin Mall

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Patara Thai's a personal favourite for authentic and beautifully executed Thai food locally. Unlike what Bangkok has to offer, Thai food is actually more than just spicy food and tom yum goong. At least at Patara Thai, I have had very good experiences through the years


Chor Muang ($20)
Handcrafted flower dumplings with caramelised chicken, sweet turnip and peanut filling topped with 
coconut cream reduction

Beautifully piped, these would have failed for a dimsum chef with a pastry skin too thick and tore too fast. It tasted just like a chicken dumpling with coconut cream. In short, prettier than it tastes.


Som Tum ($19)

Spicy green papaya salad with dried prawns

Wicked and packed with enough heat from the bird's eye chillies. Authentic and so tasty, I thought this was a tough fight with the mango salad.


Tum Mamuang Punim ($22)
Lightly battered crab with a salad of crisp julienned mango, roasted julienned coconut, cashews and crispy shallots

The crab itself was good enough as a dish of its own, delicious batter and that addictive crunch. I was glad the papaya salad was not repeated here - as much as I love my papaya salads, young mango makes for a different type of salad too, very raw and crunchy yet so addictive.


Tom Yum Goong ($23/pot)
Authentic spicy hot and sour soup with prawns flavoured with Thai herbs, mushrooms and slices of young coconut meat

I love how their tom yum goong hits all notes of authentically thai - comfortably spicy without getting my senses assaulted, none of the weepy-blowing nose mess I get myself into. This was wicked without being devilish, just so good and the ingredients were so fresh! 


Moo Ob Nam Ma Prao ($28)
Pork belly slow-braised with fresh coconut juice

I found this on the sweet side and almost boring unfortunately.


Whole Seabass  (whole or fillet) ($42)
with superior soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms and ginger

Another dish that should be ordered in lime and bird's eye chillies instead of the oriental version. 


Gang Kiew Wan Nua ($26)
Classic Thai beef shin green curry with sweet basil and bird’s eye chilli


Gang Kua Kor Moo Yang ($29)
Grilled Iberico pork collar with bittergourd in thick red curry

The curries in general were rich on coconut milk (not that I am complaining, I enjoy my curries lemak!) and both were equally satisfying. The red curry was something unique with bittergourd barely having any influence over the taste of it.


Phad Phak Bung Fai Daeng ($19)
Stir-fried morning glory with garlic and chilli


Black Olive Fried Rice ($21)
Black olive fried rice with chicken served with fresh chilli, lime,shallots and cashew nuts


Khao Phad Sapparod ($22)
Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood

Olive fried rice rocked whilst the pineapple fried rice was more subdued.


Mor Kang Durian ($14)
Baked thai style durian cake with choice of coconut or vanilla icecream

We weren't asked for our choice and served vanilla icecream anyway.


Mango Sticky Rice ($16)
Thai fragrant mango with sweet coconut rice

Apparently no choice of icecream  but this came with coconut icecream. We got to try both flavours anyhow. Go for the durian cake over the mango sticky rice for more satisfaction. I'd dare say this is amongst the first few times eating durian dessert at a thai place!

Patara Thai is top on my list of favourite thai restaurants.

Patara Thai
Tanglin Mall

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