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Noodle Panda @ Bedok Point

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Bedok Point is a mall I do not get and with such a strange collection of tenants I was still curious to check Noodle Panda out. It is a panda themed restaurant with a Szechuan menu - no relation to pandas unless pandas originated from the Sichuan province.


Anyhow, noodles are their specialty and on picture, most dishes were soaking in chilli oil.


Hot and Sour Pig Intestine Rice Noodle ($7.50)


The noodles reminded me of rice vermicelli and it smelt funky - the pigs intestines infact but to the regular kway chap diner, this is normal. Personally I did not enjoy the smell nor the consistency of the noodles, much less to appreciate the peppercorns or peanuts but apparently, the one who frequents China says it is a decent attempt but the motherland still does it better.


Special Sauced Sliced Beef ($8.60)

I was reminded of  the fragrant hotpot that once set my throat on fire and got me so addicted. I do not like the amount of chilli oil, still but those slices of beef with tendon and fat tasted the equivalent of pork neck.


Fried Green Beans ($7.90) 

Too oily and the green beans were fried too soft.


Wantons in Chilli Oil ($7.50)


Finally, this was the only dish I was most comfortable with even with chilli oil. Those wanton skins are different from those eaten elsewhere, chewier and holds up the ingredients better than the silken ones.


Their price point is a little queer with sides costing more than mains and dishes are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Noodle Panda
Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi Road #03-35

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