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Matchaya @ Icon Village

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I am unfortunately not a fan of green teas or teas in general but I would bend over backwards for softserves - tea flavours excluded. Well, a personal preference! So then when Matchaya swung open their doors at Icon Village I was raring for a chance to pay them a visit....well until they launched their soft serves in non-tea flavours. 

What an irony. 

So here's a chowdown on the flavours I have attempted over the last couple of months - it is a pity thought that these are not permanent fixtures on the menu due to them being seasonal produce. I suppose that warrants a year long wait till they next appear then? 

Their soft serves are undeniably incredibly milky - and trust the ladyboss and boss himself because they are such huge Japan fanatics! So rich and indulgent, I could very well just give up on mains just for their soft serves. These retail at two sizes, regular at $5.90 and large. 

Also, their soft serve is served with their signature cat tongue butter cookie and you have a choice of supplementing with a topping (think shots!)

Azuki bean with an additional azuki bean topping. I could have been too used to my red bean potong, this was albeit very delicious but the red beans were an overkill with the sugar overload. Loved the flavour but not the topping.

Goma. Black sesame dessert soup in a soft serve and it was just so good!

Black on black, and this would trump squid ink for favourite black food.

Chestnuts made my December so happy. I love anything chestnut and was thrilled to score one of these very limited cups. Nutty and floury like sweet potatoes, I love this best of all their seasonals.

If you've been to Japan, you'd be sold on their milk products - which explains why their icecreams (including mass brands) are to die for. Hokkaido milk was expectantly very creamy and I would have milk everyday if it's Hokkaido milk.

The latest to their stable of seasonal flavours - kinako parfait ($9.50)! Their parfaits come with an assortment of toppings, mochi, warabi and rice krispies. 

Parfaits are only for those with a serious sweet tooth. I adored that nutty and roasted notes, however I was not blown away by the warabi which ended up like a stiff jelly, mochi reasonably chewy, overly sweet red bean paste and rice krispies which seemed superfluous. I have not tried the other parfaits but I'd be way happier with just two servings of their soft serves neat. 

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