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Laaf Bistro @ East Coast Road

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Laaf Bistro caught my eye for being so tiny. What a way to discover an eatery actually but with Baker's Well now closed, I have one less place to visit in the vicinity.


It was operating at almost full capacity with just under 20 diners and the space is too cramped in my opinion for a cosy meal.


Self service corner.


Beef Burger ($18.90)
180g hand mixed beef patty, lettuce, sliced tomato, beetroot, japanese cucumber, cheddar, sunny side up


Hearty goodness in a single bun, save for the portions which were meant more for small eaters. I'd love a larger portion of this spot on burger.


Fish and Chips ($18.90)
Battered snapper, garlic aioli, fries, salad

Snapper is hardly used in fish and chips and I wonder why. The firm flesh with no aftertaste does makes a great ingredient for this dish, wins dory hands down if you ask me. The fritter was exceptionally crunchy with salt and herb peppered fries, I could have found the bistro for fish and chips!

Laaf Bistro
37 East Coast Road

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