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Kraftwich launches a series of guilt free gourmet sandwiches!

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KRAFTWICH by Swissbake is Health Promotion Board’s latest healthier dining partner! Lunch just got more nutritious with their series of guilt free gourmet sandwiches, all under 500kcal.

The artisanal Kraftwish bread used has a ton of grains promising plenty of nutrition in every bite! Think wheat, soya, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye and oats.

I had a go at their Pulled Beef Kraftwich (389 Kcal), one of the two Kraftwiches served hot alongside Spicy Chicken. 

Hearty sandwich with a delicious pulled beef filling and the green works of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I found the portion way bigger than the usual takeaway sandwich, way more filling than I expected it to be.

Other delicious flavours include thai spicy chicken, smoked duck, portobello, beef pastrami, tuna and egg, smoked salmon and also turkey ham! Each retails at a pocket friendly $8.90.

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