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Kohaku @ Suntec City

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Mention Tendon and both Kohaku and Ginza Itsuki Tendon come to mind - I am pretty sure there are tendons in tempura shops but those have not been able to win the hearts, minds and stomachs of diners the way these two brands have been able to.

The most mind boggling situation with both is the never ending queues throughout the day. Lunch is a test of sheer persistence, perseverance and a definitely a mental game. I've tried Kohaku at Circular Road and queueing outside their shop was a sweat inducing affair, not to mention patience testing.

Suntec's outlet is marginally bigger and waiting outside is a more pleasant affair, at least.


I'd suggest going in twos or lesser if time is against you, having big groups means an endless wait in my opinion. Counter seats with full view of their open kitchen.


These pickled yuzu radishes are delicious, an almost underwhelming looking appetizer but they were so good! Eat them with the tempura and it helps when things get a tad too heavy for liking.


The menu at Kohaku is simple, either ala carte or set which comes with an additional bowl of udon. This was surprisingly tasty and the noodles were chewy, much unlike those with a chalky aftertaste.


My bowl of Spicy Tendon Set ($19.50) appeared after wolfing down the bowl of upon and numerous plates of pickled radishes.

The ingredients are definitely generous with an equally generous drizzle of spicy sauce atop a bed of fluffy warm rice. There are two pieces of incredibly tender chicken and prawns, crab meat, corn, long beans and also squid. Each is carefully dipped in batter before being deep fried and plated. In its glory, it still tasted yummy when soggy - that is the magic of the Kohaku bowls.

The spiciness is pleasant though it definitely can be leveled up.


Those pearls of rice are worth the fuss, I can just have it with the sauce alone and be one happy camper - it is that delicious.


Turns out this was the secret to their winning success, hokkaido rice used.

Two visits at different outlets left me very satisfied and the conclusion that they do practice QC with stunning bowls of tendon each time. No compromise is made inspite of the snaking queues, and alas, one food obsession that is all of instagram worthy befitting of the queues, hype and above all, calories.

Kohaku Suntec 
7 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower One

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