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IndoChilli @ Tanjong Pagar Center

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I've probably walked and driven past IndoChilli at Zion Road too many times for it to even register that there is more than one outlet in Singapore. In fact, it has been such a long while since I've had Indonesian food.



Sate Ayam Madura ($9.80)
Charcoal grilled chicken skewer 

These chicken satays are definitely better than the hawker equivalent with meatier bites and plenty of char flavour. My only grouse is, the marinate is on the sweet side.


Tahu Telor ($8.80)
Beancurd omellette served with sweet peanut sauce

Sweet, sweet, and too sweet. The distribution of ingredients were a tad lopsided - soggy omelette and too sweet dry peanut sauce.


Gado Gado Siram ($6.80)
Mixed vegetable salad dressed in smooth peanut sauce

Another one that ends up sweet despite the amount of boiled cabbage, long beans and potatoes in the dish.


Nasi Timbel ($12.80)
Banana-leaf wrapped rice with fried chicken, tofu, tempe, salted fish and vegetable soup


Nasi Goreng Seafood ($13.80)
Seafood fried rice – prawns, squid, and topped with fried egg

Tasty at first bite and it ended up going down the lack of wok hei route, missing out on some satisfaction.


Combo Bakaran ($50.80)
Combination of grilled black pomfret, squids, prawns, satay and chicken

A platter meant for two at least with the amount of ingredients that went into it. Infact, they also had the chicken satays too so that saves the ordering of an appetizer! I loved the tender squid best and the prawns that were fresh and chewy. This provided a good showcase of their mains.


Ayam Panggang Padang ($8.80)
Grilled chicken dipped in Padang-style sauce

As ordinary as it was in a platter, this was still ordinary as an ala carte order. We probably overlooked that this was also part of the platter  - doh!


Gulai Kambing ($12.80)
Mutton curry stew

The portion was incredulously small but the robust flavours of this dish made up for its size.


Sayur Asem ($4.80)
Mixed Vegetable Soup


Kacang Panjang Balado ($9.80)
Long bean cooked with chili and shrimp paste


Tempe Pete ($9.80)
Tempe sautéed with stinky beans 

The vegetable dishes were generally pretty good - tasty with mild hints of spice! I could handle more spice though. 

Apart from the location, IndoChilli would suit foreigners or those without a spicy palette better.

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