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Gourmet Plus @ Frankel Avenue

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I would have never thought that Gourmet Plus would be home to Spanish-French style cooking. Infact, until I was seated and browsed the menu did it then strike me they offered more than just Spanish food.

To think they have been around for ages, and I've been passing it by so many times.


Chalkboard specials and I was already drooling over the USDA Prime Rib!


Garlic Clams in White Wine Sauce ($14)

I have a weakness for white wine clams and these were so juicy inspite of its size and the broth was so rich and tasty. Seconds please!


Valencia Paella ($35)
Chicken, Prawns, Chorizo

Chorizo was sold out so we ended up with a chicken and prawn paella and a 25 minute wait. Portions are good for a very hungry one otherwise it filled both of us pretty well (considering we also had other mains!).


Sour cream is the key ingredient in paella, akin to the icing on top of the cake. I enjoyed these sour cream and saffron coated rice grains. Chorizo would definitely have made this the best course of the meal because there was just too many pieces of chicken and too few prawns in it.


Crispy Wagyu Beef Cheek ($32)
Mashed Potato, Garden Salad

Sold on crispy though this was really just crispy on the edges and braised till tender inside.


I am hardly a braised beef fan but this was really delicious, one hearty meal infact!

The meal ended on a good note, if anything I am intrigued with the other dishes that Gourmet Plus has to offer. See you, soon! 

Gourmet Plus
117 Frankel Avenue

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