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Gallery and Co Revisited @ National Art Gallery

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I probably never paid a Museum so many visits till Gallery and Co and imagine my delight when I realised they expanded their menu! Bonus came in the form of a relatively empty cafe over a weekend too - looks like we are back in the good old days of leisurely lunches at the Museum.


Leisure begins with a cuppa.


Otak Otak Taco ($17)
Battered mackerel otak, roasted corn, fresh herb salsa, chilli aioli, fresh lime

Still a favourite with the spicy otak fritter wrapped in taco and a medley of colourful toppings. Pomegranate pods provide that much desired tang in this otherwise very satisfying taco.


Mushroom Pasta ($15)
Roasted mushrooms, cream sauce, 63 degree egg, truffle oil

One probably cannot go wrong with cream sauce and pasta with an onsen egg.


Lemongrass Ribs ($18, half)

I would not have expected these to be deep fried with a lemongrass batter - bone gnawing fingerlicking awesomeness. These make sticky ribs look so passe.


Pink Guava Breton ($8)

Too pretty to resist, I do not consider myself a guava fan much yet I was drawn to this pink dessert. A surprise within another with a pink guava mousse and a crunchy tart base topped with a pretty marshmellow bow. Absolutely a girly dessert. 

Gallery and Co
National Art Gallery

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