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Catering with Delihub

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Way before food delivery of individual portions became a hit, we had food delivery for the masses, i.e. catering and we went back to basics for a mass gathering of 30 people. Having tried Meihao99 and Yeh Lai Siang, the crowd still chose to go with Delihub because of their signature curry chicken.

This is perhaps no secret that the kitchens of Orange Clove, Neo Garden and Delihub are the same hence if budget is an issue, opting for Delihub still gets you their signature curry chicken!


Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon


Sin Chow Bee Hoon

I am torn between bee hoon or fried rice with their curry chicken. This was  thankfully not soggy nor limp but tasty and still springy. And as usual, the portion was way too much.


Vegetables Medley

Too much starch made this actually harder to eat when it turned cold.


Spring Onion Fish

My main grouse with fish dishes at a buffet is, dory fish is typically used and this was a surprise with whole filets - I am guessing it is tilapia and these were firm and flaky too. Major plus point here!


Homemade Ngoh Hiang

Somehow finger food like this always gets polished off too quickly and this together with the sotong ball was a crowd favourite.


Hot and Spicy Drumlets

This however was not and while I had PizzaHut's hot and spicy drumlets in mind, this turned out to be a sweet bean paste saucy drumlets.


Steamed Chicken Siew Mai

Decent siew mai.


Signature Curry Chicken

And the long awaited curry chicken. Perfect with beehoon with enough coconut milk and spice.

We ended the buffet with Almond Jelly with Longan which was really just canned fruit and off the packet almond jelly.


Complimentary nibbles from CNY? These fried crabsticks were seasoned with curry and deep fried! Crazy addictive.


For the convenience, catering is still the way to go for big group gatherings. Plus, the guy comes and cleans up the tables too!

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