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BreadTalk launches an all-new Sakura range of breads!

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April is the sakura season and I can almost anticipate my social media feeds being flooded with snaps of the gorgeous blooms and I would be sulking away because I have missed just yet another sakura season and all the limited editions.

If it is any consolation, BreadTalk has created ten items paying homage to the sakura season and Japanese street food in their range of buns, cakes and pastries.


Oh! Konomiyaki bun combines seaweed, cabbage and bonito flakes of the traditional okonomiyaki. 


Bacon Kushiyaki on the other hand brings the whole izakaya vibes on the table with inspirations from their grilled yakitori sticks.


Chikuwa and tuna in this teriyaki sauce drizzled bun. I mistook this for sausage at first look!


Matcha Red Bean is a bread version of their all time cake favourite. I love their matcha azuki cake since yonks ago and this version, just got better!


Tuna Edamame features a flaky pastry with tuna and bean surprises along the way.


Buns from the Japanese-inspired range will be available at all BreadTalk stores while cakes will be available at selected stores from 17 March. Retail prices start from $1.50 for buns and from $16.50 for whole cakes.

From now to 25th March, shoppers will receive $1 off by purchasing at least an item from the Japanese-inspired range with a minimum spend of just $6 in a single receipt using Singtel Dash. Also, there will be five lucky winners who will walk away with a $10 BreadTalk voucher when you share your favourite Japanese foodie experience on BreadTalk's Facebook page.

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