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Alter Ego @ Esplanade


Alter Ego sounds like a bad assed kid around the block with a dual personality of an three quarter brunch-lunch-tunch concept dishing out Hawaiian poke bowls by day, and bottles of craft beers and sinful bar grub take the stage once the sun goes down. 


Original Poke Shaker ($17)
Pomegranate ($2)
Shoyu Salmon, Sushi Rice, Spiced Roasted Cashews, Pickled Seasonal Veggies, Ikura

The Wildcard ($16)
Spicy Garlic Sesame Salmon, Sushi Rice, Kale Chips, Pickled Seasonal Veggies, Ikura

Their poke bowls are a spin off from their main flagship, A Poke Theory which I thoroughly enjoyed when they first opened. In comparison, the portions are smaller and prices higher at this outlet.

First, they were sold out on lime avocado for both bowls and the alternative was to have more of kimchi since the lime avocado and kimchi belong to the same price point. However, my point was wouldn't both bowls taste the same if they had kimchi too? Anyhow, we ended up topping up a dollar for "peruvian pomegranate".

Shoyu salmon or spicy garlic salmon were hardly discernible. I liked the spice roasted cashews and ikura roe but it was barely as satisfying as they used to.


Buffalo Wings ($14)
Spicy, tangy buffalo sauce

Saucy wings covered in orange buffalo sauce. This could have just been a wings appetizer with any other sauce that was not very memorable.


Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($16)
Gruyere, Taleggio Cheese, Artisanal White Loaf


The perfect cheese toast for instagram and clearly, mine turned out less than spectacular (dripping cheese shreds missing and none of the manicured nails involved). Artisanal white loaf was nothing more than thick cut white toast buttered and seared over the pan before cheese and shredded short ribsare tossed in. Short ribs made a reappearance here after the poke bowl and I suppose shame on me for picking two dishes with the ribs.


I have never had a bad cheese sandwich (store bought cheese buns are not cheese sandwiches, for the record) and neither did this disappoint.


Rose Lemonade ($7)

Their beverage pricing is done in a manner that makes it more worthwhile to order a soda or beer over their coffee beverages.


Brunch was not fantastic, infact the service was average - just to split our bills equally took at least 20 minutes. Plus, having Wah Kee just next door makes a return almost no chance.

Alter Ego
Esplanade, #01-13D

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