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Akira Black @ Beach Road

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Born in Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Chef Back brings a sense of adventure and boundless creativity to his culinary creations. The menu is largely Innovative cuisine prepared with a Korean accent, derived from seasonal produce and artisanal sourced ingredients. Akira Black Singapore adds to his stable of global restaurants, ranging from fine dining to casual hangouts.


Gorgeous plates.





Spicy King Crab Miso ($8)

Miso soup with heat, if I may just sum this up. Crabmeat chunks are well hidden within but dig deep to find.


AB Tuna Pizza ($25)
Umami Aioli, Micro Shiso, Truffle Oil

An Akira Black signature, this comes with smoked tuna sliced so thin, this skinny pizza is meant for the weight watchers. It gets chomped down so fast, seconds are highly recommended.


Rock Shrimp Tempura ($23)
Sriracha Ranch

Shrimp tempura nuggets tossed in a toothsome sriracha ranch sauce. I loved the mild spiciness of this but things did get a tad too much and heavy somewhere in the middle of the dish.


Eggplant Miso ($15)
Sweet Miso, Mozzarella


I love my Japanese eggplants. Paired with sweet miso sauce and mozzarella, this was finger food in the heartiest form. Almost like a non carb version of pizza with all the stringy cheese threads.


Brother From Another Mother ($23)
Unagi, Anago Tempura, Foie Gras, Ponzu Mayo, Eel Sauce


Their rolls have funny names and this step child is one of those.This came across as a luxe version of california rolls with too much going on, I like the ingredients individually but all in one was a tad too much.


Gyudon ($42)
Saga Gyu, Foie Gras, Onsen Tamago


Highly recommended as a must try between the King Crab Fried Rice, Garlic Fried rice and this. I'd have headed the King Crab way had it not been for such a strong recommendation.

Truffles, medium seared seak, foie gras cubes and an onsen egg were the usual gyudon suspects but they just did not work together. Missing out on some beef fat perhaps, this fell short of expectations of a stunning bowl of gyudon. Disappointing much.


Service was exceptional inspite of the gourmet misses, effort was made in engaging small talk and the kind waitress even cared to send a dessert on the house!


A fruit yogurt dessert that required some effort in breaking the shell for a fabulous year ahead! 


Akin to the breaking of sake, I broke through the chocolate shell.


Akira Black was pleasant just not as exciting they it was made to be, I say stick with their appetizers which seem to be more impressive than the mains proper.

Akira Black
30 Beach Road

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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